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新年,總要攪點新意思。 不過,先旨聲明:一般的XO醬煮不到這道菜──事緣「烈女」和「淑女」XO醬有別一般XO醬,棄用元貝,改以多國的珍貴香料烹調、單是辣椒也有四種,蘊含「麻」、「香」、「鮮」、「辣」不同層次的回甘味 (Aftertaste),絕配中西菜色,香味撲鼻,縈繞四溢,令舌頭越吃越銷魂。

誰想到:它們是一班更生和基層人士經過嚴格訓練後,全手工泡製的心血? 今日市面的醬料十居其九都是以機器大量生產,傳統的手工廚藝幾乎息微;但我們堅持去支持社企廚房,由買、切、消毒、炸、煮、入樽、包裝,都是純手工製作,就連樽上的品牌吊牌都是我親手寫的書法。所以,你知道,每一樽「烈女」和「淑女」都是獨一無二、以時間和心血去餚製,為的是身體力行一種”downward mobility”的精神,讓煮的和品嚐的,一起去創造更多社會效益。

How can we do the same old things and expect different results in life?
Stay courageous. Stay creative.
【「#烈女」和「#淑女」XO醬 | XO醬中的XO】
1) #Wellbeing- 要知道,市面上的同級產品一般都用豬油或花生油製作,唯「烈女」和「淑女」堅持頂級食材,不單用橄欖和芥花籽油、低鈉海鹽、黑糖,又無味精、人造色素或防腐劑。

2) #Aftertaste & #Exotic-美酒有Aftertaste是正常,但XO醬有Aftertaste卻絕無僅有! 「烈女」和「淑女」的 #香味不單無得輸,更有馥郁的 #回甘,縈繞不散,令你一試難忘。再者,集多國香料烹調,口味有別一般XO醬,能絕配 #中西菜式,讓你大顯廚藝!

3) #Care -Message In A Dish 與 #香港善導會 的社企廚房合作的試行計劃, 肯定更生人士及其他弱勢社群的尊嚴及付出的勞力,期望每個人都有重返社會的機會。

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Who could imagine two handcrafted XO sauces could ignite social change? But that’s exactly the story behind every bottle of Impactaste XO Sauces, namely “Miss Moxie”(super spicy, “烈女”) and “Lady Mellow”(mild and aromatic, “淑女”), which are awarded the “Award Scheme in Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment” Certificate of Commendation given by the Women’s Commission and the Labour and Welfare Bureau Hong Kong. Through working with NGOs, the production line of Impactaste is to empower the underprivileged groups who receive training in gourmet art and handcrafted cooking techniques of these delicious sauces. Main net proceeds go to offer donation to NGOs for the underprivileged groups’ continued mobilization and to support various social innovation projects advocated by its enterprise Message In A Dish (C房有道) the driving force behind the sauces.

Giving back to society has never been so easy, or so tasty. Delight your taste buds with these delicious, healthy XO sauces made from the finest premium ingredients, and SPREAD LOVE.

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