How to get pink lips in just 2 minutes at home|Lighten dark lips|2 easy n natural ways.

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Tip 1 ►
Malai (Cream)
Salt is a natural exfoliate and anti-inflammation remedy that can be used to treat dry skin, remove pigmentation and makes lip pink
Malai (Cream) is extremely moisturizing ,it makes lips soft and pink
Add 1 teaspoon of malai and half teaspoon of salt.
Mix it well now scrub your with this for 5 min then wash off.

Tip 2 ►

As we all know, glycerin is a great moisturizing agent. It will help keep your lips looking plump and supple.
Lemon is magical and does wonders to reduce pigmentation.

Mix the lemon juice with the glycerin.
Store in a container (you can keep it refrigerated for a whole week).
Apply on clean lips using a brush or your finger.

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