Healthy food you actually want to f**king eat!

Look at anyone in great shape, one thing I have found they have in common is they all prep food.

Spending a hour or so on the weekend planning out your next weeks meals as well as cooking will save your life the following week. It will mean you always have food prepared and you won’t be tempted to reach for sh*t. Most women will under eat or restrict then binge eat.

When you eat adequate calories and get the right nutrients into your body, you will find you won’t want to reach for the biscuits, or like I used to do, down an entire pizza plus a packet of jersey caramels in one sitting. The other thing is when you are eating food you actually enjoy every single day you don’t get cravings for sh*t.

I enjoy ice-cream every night, potatoes with butter, pate on sour dough, loads of fresh fruit, cheese and OJ as well as seafood. Some weekends we will make home made sour dough pizza or slow cooked ribs followed by ice-cream. Gone are the days of living off lean meats and green vegies during the week and epic binge sessions…..or as I used to like to call them “cheat meals”. I don’t need to eat cheat meals anymore I get to eat food I love every single day of the weekend. I no longer look at food as good or bad. I look at food and ask myself how will that affect my body? How will it affect my mood, sleep, energy and digestion….I really eat a lot of the food my grandma used to cook for us when we were young.

The other thing is you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen doing food prep. If you only ever get one appliance get a slow cooker. You can pick one up for as little as $20 and you can cook so many things in your slow cooker that are simple, easy and quick.

So don’t use the excuse I’m too busy to food prep because we both know that is BS! I have made it super simple and easy for you.

I love meatloaf so I thought I would test it out in the slow cooker. It turned out great!


✅ 1.5kgs grass fed beef mince
✅ 2 large onions diced
✅ 3 cloves garlic
✅ Mixed herbs
✅ 3/4 tomato paste
✅ 2 eggs whisked
✅ 2 large carrots grated

NOTE: It turned out a little dry I think you either need to use a higher fat mince OR add in coconut oil or butter if you are using very lean mince like I did. Try 10g of butter or coconut oil per serve so this made me about 8 serves but it will depend on the person.

The prep time on this was about 10mins, 2 mins to mix it and throw it in the slow cooker then 4 hours on high and it probably needed even less than that.

I served it with mashed potato and have been eating it for lunch. It froze, defrosted and heated up really well.

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