21 Delicious and Surprising Recipes You Can Make in an Air Fryer

Even if you haven’t taken the plunge and gotten yourself an air fryer, I’m guessing you’ve heard plenty about the convenient countertop appliance. I mean, it can mimic the effects of deep-frying with way less oil (and way less mess)—that’s pretty hard to compete with.

Air fryers are cleverly designed to use a mixture of oil and air to “fry” food, but you can also just use an air fryer as a mini oven, setting it to a certain temperature and let it do its thing.

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Unsurprisingly, the possibilities for foods you can make in an air fryer are almost endless. It’s great for fries, obviously, but it’s also great for unexpected things like pie and corn on the cob.

If you’re looking to buy one, I can vouch for the Philips Avance XXL Twin Turbostar Airfryer ($300 at Amazon) being the absolute best option. Plus, with a four-quart basket capacity, it’s bigger than some of the others on the market. For a less expensive option, the Krups Air Fryer ($90 at Amazon) is also solid and has a 2.5-quart basket capacity, which is plenty for most things.


So, OK, now you have an air fryer, or at least have one coming in the mail. What to make? Like I said, the possibilities are many, but certain foods lend themselves especially well to the air-fry cooking method. Anything that you’d deep-fry is a good candidate for air-frying, but you can also make traditionally roasted dishes—or even baked ones.

Here are 21 easy, delicious air fryer recipes to try, ASAP.

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