how to COLOR FILL hair

want the HOW-TO guide? get the CHEAT SHEET here: . hey guys! today’s video is going to be on #COLORFILL, aka the #tintback. there is a certain process that needs to be followed when taking someone from lighter to darker hair. when there are more than 3 levels of difference, you have to FILL the hair first.

00:50 why COLOR FILLS are important
01:30 the FORMULAS
02:10 hair processing
02:18 after the FILL color is rinsed out
02:27 the final color
02:35 styling the hair
04:51 FINAL look

our model has a grown out #balayage and her toner is fading. our model wants to end up as a level three.we will walk through the COLOR FILL formula and discuss why it was chosen for this model in order for her to achieve a level 3 color. filling the hair is EXTREMELY important. your color can turn out muddy or even green-tinted without a proper color fill. we want the hair to be saturated and rich. you may have seen someone with a green tint to their hair because they were blonde and a stylist tried to put a brown or black onto it. the color will then fade into that muddy color because it has no anchor or foundation for the color pigment to grab onto.


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