Natural beauty tips for beautiful Eyes – How to prepare Kohl | Learn traditional method

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by using traditional kohl. Learn the traditional method of making kohl, which is completely natural and does not harm your eyes like the manufactured cosmetic kohl and captivate everyone around you!
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Featured in this video is the traditional methodology used to prepare Kohl. A wick is made of clean white muslin cloth which is then dipped in a nilavilakku filled with sesame oil. An earthen lid or roof tile is held over the lighted nilavilakku and the soot is obtained which is then mixed with sesame oil to get kohl. The kohl thus obtained is kept in a dry box which can be used further to line the rim of your eyelid. Compared to the cosmetic eyeliners available in the market kohl is safer and is ideal for the health of our eyes.
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