Kawaii Hair Color at a Popular Harajuku Salon

Join Rikarin at one of Harajuku’s most famous “kawaii” hair salons for a new pink-purple-blue hairstyle!

Rikarin finished a very busy few weeks of school and celebrated by heading for the Candye Syrup salon in Harajuku to get a super colorful new hairstyle. She brought her camera to share the experience with everyone who likes cute colorful hair, and anyone who may be considering getting their hair colored in Harajuku.

Candye Syrup (previously known as Viva Cute Candy) does amazing “kawaii” hairstyles for a number of well-known Japanese models and celebrities. They can do any type of look, but their specialty is extreme color and shaved hair designs. The Candye Syrup aesthetic is very Japanese kawaii.

Please let Rikarin know what you think of her new hairstyle and also feel free to ask any questions you might have about getting your hair done in Harajuku. Thank you for watching and see you next week!

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