How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Fast in 1 Minute

Get rid of dark, chapped and dry lips fast! Just three basic ingredients and you can have soft baby lips in just a few minutes at home.

Winters are setting in, and its dryness has already started showing up on our skin and lips. More than anything else we suffer dry lips, as they feel chapped and leathery that you need to use your tongue to wet them every time you talk. Not to mention, lip balms are hardly doing the trick anymore because their effect wears off after a while and your lips are back to feeling rough and parched.

Stop bothering with these fancy lip gels and balms, you need a nourishing lip scrub that will remove the layer of dead skin cells which is making them look dark and craggy. It is actually quite simple to put together this natural lip scrub with some basic ingredients that are available in every kitchen, and in a few minutes you will have baby soft, pink lips, despite the winter cold.

If your problem of dry lips is rampant, do this thrice a week for two weeks and see the results. Your lips will be lush, pink and kissable even in the cold months.
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