How to Define Your Curls – feat. Beauty Forever Hair Malaysian Curly Hair | Hair Vlog Ep. 3

Hey loves, I am back with another video! This time around I am talking about how to define your curls. As you may know from my last video, I am rocking Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly hair so I walking you through my process of defining this Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly hair. At the time that I filmed this “how to define your curls” video, I had my Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly hair in for two weeks and noticed it required an interesting combination of products to keep it look moisturized, healthy, and voluminous.

The products I used in this how to define your curls video are:

Filtered water
Lily of the Desert Aloe Juice –
Curls Creme Brule –

Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly Update (Week 2):

In the second week of rocking this Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly hair, I noticed it is somewhat more high maintenance than the last time I rocked this hair. This Malaysian curly hair can look dry if you don’t use a good amount of product in your hair. Also, you must detangle, moisturize, and wear a satin or silk scarf at night to avoid dried out matted hair.

Overall, as of the second week. I still like the hair, the volume, and softness of this Beauty Forever Malaysian curly hair. The only thing that is annoying this time is that you need to put in time to detangle and moisturize your hair before going to bed or if you live in an area where it gets super hot and dry.

Hair specs:
Hair lengths: 24″ (2 bundles), 22″, 20″, 18″ closure

Where to purchase my bundles (4 bundles and a closure):

Link to 3 bundles and a closure deal:

Link to 4 bundles and a frontal deal:

Topics Covered:
– How to define Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly Hair?
– How to define Curly Hair?
– What products to use on Curly Hair?
– How to make your curls pop?
– What do I think about the Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly Hair?
– what are my thoughts of the Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly Hair used as a sew-in?
– Where to buy affordable Malaysian Curly hair?
– Whether Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly virgin hair is worth it?
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