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Get set for summer with 3 ways to braid hair. Perfect for holidays and festivals, watch the video to find out more. Read below for the step-by-step guide for each of the three looks (Boxers Braids, Loose Bun and Braid Detail, and Waterfall Braids).

*Boxer Braids*
Step One: Centre part hair and split into two sections
Step Two: Take a small piece of hair from the top and start braiding with the plait sitting on top of the hair
Step Three: With each step of the braid pull in a little more hair
Step Four: Work down to behind the ear and finish the plait at end of hair and secure with hair tie. Repeat on the other side

*Loose Bun and Braid Detail*
Step One: Part hair to one side and take 1-2 inches from the front
Step Two: French braid down towards the ear and pull tight under ear to secure the braid. Fasten with a hair tie
Step Three: Mist loose hair with hairspray and then twist into a loose, messy chignon
Step Four: Wrap braid around the bun and pin into place

*Waterfall Braids*
Step One: Take a small section of hair just above the ear and plait hair. As you braid take a small section of hair from above the braid
Step Two: Work around the crown of the head and secure with a hair tie
Step Three: Repeat on the other side and then use hair grips to secure into place

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