FKing Easy Food Prep // Slow Cooker Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Risotto

4 years ago I wouldn’t have touched this with a 10 foot pole

White rice and cheese

Far too many carbs

Because of course you’re taught that carbs are the devil

And dairy was a big no no

I would have munched on my chicken and salad

Forced in my nuts and green beans

Only to dream about my cheat meal all weekend LOL

Which, might I add, would turn into a free for all

Women don’t get fat from eating 1200 calories

They get fat because they do stupid low calorie diets then they binge eat

Even with a slow metabolism if I taped your mouth shut at 1200 calories and you couldn’t eat anymore you would be tiny

I have seen it, time and time and time again and I used to do it myself

No one likes to talk about the binge eating OR the fact it takes consistency over time, a long time

Even your favourite fitness model does it

I remember a few months ago I was talking to a friend of mine who used to compete in fitness modelling

Now she was getting posing lessons from another very well known fitness model, someone who is looked up to in these communities, idolised

The fitness model was telling my friend how hungry she was, when my friend asked why, the fitness model said oh I binged yesterday so I’m fasting all day today to make up for it


We take all the women in our program through a process where we get them to track their food for 3 days then we start them from where they are at in terms of calories and we set them specific macronutrient targets

From here we teach them how to do their own diets and we test and measure to find the right calorie range as well as food combinations that work for them to feel good and lose body fat

So if a woman is say 90kg’s and she starts on 1500 calories because the 3 days she tracks are weekdays where she starves herself and tells me she isn’t losing weight or getting hungry I know she isn’t being consistent, simple as that

Have you ever seen a fat prisoner of war? Of course not because they were fed f*ck all and they couldn’t binge eat!!!!!!!!

When I quiz women and dig deeper they always break down and tell me they haven’t been consistent and as soon as they take ownership and they get consistent things start to change

The other part to changing your body is the strength training and getting stronger. So once we have found that spot for you calorie wise which could be anywhere from 1800 to 2800 calories a day we then focus on getting you stronger – that means pushing yourself to increase your performances in the gym, but that’s another post!

So I sort of got off track here as I do LOL but the take home message is stop starving yourself in hope of dropping weight quickly because it always ends in more weight gain down the track

No women should be eating under 1800 calories even if she isn’t training

Building a great body takes time and consistency

Consistency with nutrition and becoming a great lifter and getting stronger

Lifting is a skill

It takes time and practice to master

It’s not going to happen overnight

In fact for most women it will take 12-18mths for them to reach their ideal body



1. They are not strong and it takes time to get strong

2.They have done years of damage to their body from all the stupid diets and binge eating crap (I did it myself)

OH and 3. Then there is life, you will never be perfect, shit will slow and stop your progress and far too many women give up when the going gets tough or they feel their results are too slow


Practice patience and discipline, it will set you free!

Or be stuck on the yo-yo diet train forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So back to what I was originally going to write about hahahahah

This amazing and easy recipe

Packed with deliciousness and carbs, serving size will depend on your macros 🙂

women’s weekly beef cheeks recipe