Best Tacos In Texas – Part 1

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Join John & Alma as they search for the best tacos that Texas has to offer.
In this video we travelled to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas on a quest to look for delicious, cheap, mexican food.

If you all have any food ideas that you would like us to try and do a video on, please leave a comment down below and Alma and I might consider them for our next food tour video.

About The Foodie Couple:

John is originally from the Philippines and Alma is originally from Mexico. We currently reside in Texas. We are a married couple who enjoy traveling and trying different foods from different places. We believe that food is the gateway through experiencing and understanding different cultures. We dream of traveling around the world and feasting on each tasty morsel one at a time. Come join our adventure as we search for the best food, at the best price as we travel around the world.


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